Tech in the Right Direction

The Significant Impact Women Have on a Global Economy

May 18, 2021

This week's guest is Andrea Stevenson Conner, the Principal of Stevenson Conner Global Strategies - an organization that collaborates with game-changing, innovative leaders of regional/global nonprofit and for-profit organizations with missions for gender equity that seek significant impact extending to the 7th generation. Andrea is a consultant who knows how to build the team around critical initiatives and serves as an agent of change. She moves innovative initiatives forward from an idea, creates alignment of strategy, and focuses on team building with a global lens.

Today we talk about Andrea's experiences throughout the world and how they helped her develop her approach to making significant positive changes for women. Andrea also shares what she attributes her success to. We also talk about how women significantly impact the global economy and the influence they wield.

Thank you for listening; we hope Andrea's story helps inspire others to seek or grow their tech career.

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