Tech in the Right Direction

Dirty Data? Call a Data Scientist ; Charity meets Technology at “Tech Tuesdays”

October 15, 2019

In our Tech Trends segment, Lexy Kassan discusses data oriented Technologies and the cloud, digitial transformation and data-enabled business, and the importance of conitnued learning and real-world experience in closing your skills gap. Lexy is a data scientist, and community practice lead for advanced analytics at CCG Analytics in Tampa, FL. She also is host of her own data science ethics podcast. Later, we are joined by Camryn Baum, a high-school student and co-founder of "Tech Tuesdays". Tech Tuesdays provides resources to children and families who lack technology resources. They provide tools to assist students with being able to complete their homework. She discuss her charity, how it came to be, it's vision, and how you can help.

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