Tech in the Right Direction

Heather Doran discusses her career path in Technology.

October 8, 2019

Joining us this week in our Women in Tech Segment, is Heather Doran. Heather, a Las Vegas native, started her career in the Casino Industry, managing casino events and slot marketing for MGM Resorts. Life’s circumstances called for a career change during a relocation, and she soon discovered a career in Technology was a passion that she no longer had to doubt. She transitioned into the Microsoft space working in partner marketing, inside sales, and business applications. Her roles in Microsoft have included community strategy, experience marketing, branding, partner engagement and compete strategy. Currently, Heather is the Global Lead for experience marketing and compete strategy for the cloud marketing business application team. She discusses in detail how she once doubted her ability to be successful in the tech industry, but through networking and determination, Heather catapulted herself into an industry that she never thought was possible.

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